Description: A copolymer of ethylene and propylene (EPR), combined with a third comonomer adiene(EPDM), Ethylene Propylene has gained wide seal industry acceptance for its excellent ozone and chemical resistance characteristics.

Application: Outdoor weather resistant uses. Automotive brake systems. Automobile cooling systems. Water applications. Low torque drive belts.

Working temperature (from-to): from -40 to +150°C

Hardness Shore A: 50-90

Characteristic: When compounded using peroxide curing agents high temperature service can reach + 176 °. Good resistance to acids and solvents (i.e. MEK and Acetone). 

Products using this material: Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment - type O rings, Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment - type P rings, Assymetric - hygienic flange seals , Flange seal, Flush nozzle, Remote sleeve for protector, Rubber-metal tampon, Water lid, Flange coupler gaskets for water appliance, Oval gasket, Nozzle seal, , , , ,

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