About us

"ZKU" JSCo Factory for rubber seals was founded in 1968 in Stara Zagora as part of the State trust "Hydraulics" with main activity - production of rubber seals for hydraulic and pneumatic products.
Since 1978 the administrative and production headquarter of the company is located in Gorno Botevo village (15 km east of Stara Zagora).
In 1998 the management of the newly formed company assumes Mr. Georgi Petrov, who to this day is CEO of the company.
"ZKU" JSCo has licensed technology and equipment for the production of rubber seals for hydraulic and pneumatic products from the company DICHTUNGSTECHNIK, Germany.

The factory has 75 employees with solid experience in the production of rubber products.
All production processes are managed in accordance with the requirements of the international standard for Quality Management EN ISO 9001.

The management policy of "ZKU" JSCo was always directed to:
• producing high quality production
• business relationships based on honesty, trust and loyalty
• employee satisfaction and friendly working environment
• environmentally oriented management of all processes and equipment
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