The team

Georgi Petrov Donka Doneva-Staneva Kristian Dimov Radostin Ivanov Krystio Nanev Rileta Dimitrova Stefan Kostadinov PhD Ivaylo Mihaylov Svetla Tacheva Mariana Kabaivanova Kristina Koleva

Georgi Petrov CEO

Georgi Petrov is the CEO of ZKU JSCo since 1998. He has 25 years of experience in other fields of industry from the lowest work position to technologist in Nitrogen - fertilizer factory and CEO of one of the biggest rubber companies in Bulgaria.

Donka Doneva-Staneva Deputy Executive Director

Donka works for ZKU JSCo for 15 years already. In our organization she worked as technologist, production director, and since 2009 holds the office Deputy executive director.

Kristian Dimov CMO

Kristian starts working in the company in 2014 as Sales & Marketing Manager and since June, 2017 is our new Chief Marketing Officer. He has long-standing experience in KPMG Switzerland.

Radostin Ivanov Head of Production Dept.

Radostin became part of the ZKU JSCo team in 2012. Graduated Master - major in "Chemistry". He has rich proffesional experience as technologist in other areas of the manufacturing.

Krystio Nanev Chief technologist

Mr. Nanev is the man with the most long length of service and experience in our organization. He started working in "ZKU" JSCo back in 1978 and has worked in all departments of the factory over the years. Engineer - chemist, specialty "Technology of plastics."

Rileta Dimitrova Head of Sales Department

Rileta works in ZKU JSCo since 1985. She has proffesional experience in most of our departments: laboratory, technologist at MIR machine team, technologist of newly developed product. Since 1991 she works in Sales department and in 2008 she became chief of it.

Stefan Kostadinov PhD Head of Constructive instrumental department

Stefan works with us since 2011 as constructor - designer and since 2017 is head of the Contructive instrumental department. Graduated engineer PhD specialty "Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Management".

Ivaylo Mihaylov Head of Energy-mechanical department

Ivaylo Mihaylov is head of our Energy-mechanical department since 2003. He has 19 years of professional experience. Graduated engineer from Technological University Sofia. Also Ivaylo is coordinator of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

Svetla Tacheva Head of Department for technical and quality control

Svetla is part of our team since 1980. Starts her career path as cropper, then quality control check and since 1994 she is the head of Department for technical and quality control.

Mariana Kabaivanova Administrative manager

Mariana joined the ZKU team in 2012. She is managing the processes of HR, safe working conditions, education of the staff.

Kristina Koleva QMS Internal auditor

Kristina is part of our team since 2016 and she is encharged of the Quality management system (QMS) according to ISO 9001 standard.
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