Description: Also known as Buna S, Styrene Butadiene was the elastomer substituted for Natural Rubber during World War II. Compounded properties are similar to those of Natural Rubber.

Application: Isolation dampeners, conveyor belts.

Working temperature (from-to): from -40 to +100°C

Hardness Shore A: 60-90

Characteristic: The main use for Styrene Butadiene today is in the manufacturing of automobile tires and conveyor belts.

Products using this material: Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment - type O rings, Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment - type P rings, Rubber ring type A, Rubber ring type B, Rubber ring type P, Rubber ring type F, Rubber ring type W, Rubber ring type 1006, Rubber ring type 1017, Assymetric - hygienic flange seals , Friction bar, Flange seal, Seals for PVC pipes, Seals for geothermal systems, Seals for boilers, radiators and other home appliances, Sealing rings for potable water, Protective cap, Flange coupler gaskets for water appliance, ,

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