Description: Shared properties of natural rubber and synthetic polyisoprene rubber include resilience, low hysteresis, low rolling resistance and high fatigue resistance.

Application: Mainly used for dampeners due to its ability to absorb vibration.

Working temperature (from-to): from -50 to +80°C

Hardness Shore A: 50-80

Characteristic: Synthetic Rubber features high tensile strength; high resilience, high abrasion and high tear resistance properties, with a good friction surface and excellent adhesion to metals. Synthetic Rubber features good resistance to organic acids and alcohols, with moderate resistance to aldehydes.

Products using this material: Rubber and rubber-metal anti vibrating pads, Seals for PVC pipes, Seals for geothermal systems, Armored washer , Riflescope, Sealing rings for potable water, Protective cap, Damper for disc harrow, Rubber bushing, Protective cap for eyepiece of an optical sight, Rubber dock dumper, ,

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